Born and raised in Oregon, Andy grew up studying classical guitar and lived his early 20's in Portland, Oregon playing music, working in a record store and roasting coffee. A migration South in 1988 resulted in a BFA in Guitar Performance from California Institute of the Arts in 1991. This was followed by a move to New York City and four years pursuing performance and teaching. A return to CalArts in 1996 to complete an MFA in Guitar Performance lead to several years of teaching, more performance, and a growing list of responsibilities. At the dawn of the new millennium, with the digital media explosion in full swing, he leveraged a background in visual art to shift focus to graphic design. Excellent timing and hard work lead to quick growth and a career in creative design / art direction with an emphasis toward marketing. 

Andy enjoys the challenge of visual communication and embraces the teamwork necessary to make impactful work. He continues to make music whenever possible.